What are the healthiest foods near you

Nowadays we often reach out for a fresh meal in our busy day without paying attention what it is made of, we only care about how it tastes. We are living in the GMO era where chicken are full of female hormones, steroids and all kind of chemistry and genetically modified corn and soy become the new petrol – you can make virtually any kind of food with them. No matter how bad the situation is, there are still some healthy food islands around us we can escape on. Here are some of the tips you can use in your quest for a healthy eating.

Start your day with a soup. Yes, not coffee but soup. You cannot imagine what the impact of a warm vegetable soup with broccoli and a couple slices of oath breath on your stomach are. It will give you all the needed folate, potassium, fibers, calcium and phytonutrients you need for the whole morning. And if you still insist on coffee – you can have it later.

Try to eat as much fruits as you can. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” There are some considerations though. Do not go shopping by the look but by the label. Organic fruits are quite expensive and less attractive at first sight but they will pay back real quick. If you look for seasonal fruits there is quite a chance you find homegrown just picked-up from the near farm at competitive price. Apples are also rich source of antioxidants.

Every once a week treat yourself with a delicious salmon, trout, herring or other oily fish – backed, grilled or boiled but not fried. Their oil is rich in Vitamins A and D and omega-3 fatty acids which help your heart and nervous system work better. If you suffer inflammatory conditions (e.g. arthritis) you will definitely feel the difference too.

If you are cereal a fan, but hate soup you can live happily with oatmeal. It is rich in B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, potassium, complex carbohydrates, and water-soluble fiber, which stabilizes levels of blood-glucose and slows digestion down. Due to its natural nutrition it is called “Breakfast for champions!”

Next is one of the simplest, most common and cooked the wrong way vegetables. It can be seen in any fast food chain. Potatoes. If served the right way – boiled as a salad, baked or cooked but not fried it is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, complex carbohydrates, beta carotene and dietary fiber.

Last words to those of us who cannot make it without chocolate. Well if you are addicted to chocolate there is good news. Dark chocolate. Bars that are over 75% cocoa will help you lose weight while still enjoying your foods. Dark chocolate is great source of antioxidants and it has very low level of sugar too.

There is a saying “We are what we eat!” It is true to the fact that food is not only our fuel but also our building material. In short it is best to buy organic fruits and vegetables from farmers or at least in their season, have it cooked the right way and take you time when heaving a breakfast. Slow food and active exercise is the fast way to healthy living.

Live Younger, Longer and Happy With Healthy Living Practices

There are hundred and more advantages of healthy living. You must live healthy in order to lead an active, happy and longer life. While one may adopt a number of practices for living a happy life most of the people are still unaware of what exactly healthy living is. This article step by steps guides you on certain vital aspects of living a healthy and happier life.

Living a merry life is not just about eating all those nutritious food and exercise it is also about how mentally strong you are. It goes ahead with further requirements of avoiding addictions with drinks, drugs, alcohols and everything that can have adverse impact on your body. There are millions of exercise techniques and you don’t need to go to your physician every time for consultation. Choose the one which is acceptable for your body physique. Even if you are unable to commit for those heavy exercise practices, light ones will also ensure balanced circulation of blood to every part of your body. Even a 15 minute walk in the morning and night after dinner would make you amazed with drastic improvements in your body.
Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy “You mind and body is what you eat”. The type of diet you are going to have is not all that matters, but also how and when you have it has equal significance. Many studies have proved that vegetarians have better chances of healthy and safe life as they are 50% less prone to the heart diseases. Vegetarians are also likely to have 40% less risks of cancer occurrences than those of non-vegetarians. It is also proved by various research reports that vegetarians also have stronger immunity level as compared to that of non-vegetarians. To top these all you will be amazed to know that vegetarians might often live some 10 or more years to their life.

What Includes a Healthy Diet? The diet which has adequate proportion of seasonal and healthy fruits, vegetables and whole greens form a healthy diet. Further, inclusion of green leaf vegetables provides necessary nutrients to your body. Healthy diet also has right proportion of meats, beans, eggs and nuts Opting for the diet which has high fats, slats, cholesterol and high sugar content is detrimental to the body and thus healthy living. Healthy diet includes all necessary nutrients including vitamins, minerals, fibers and energy content. Stay Happy and Stress Free.

To lead a strong life you must take precautions to prevent your body from any ensuring health disorders. There is no reason in saying that you are living a healthy life even if you are unfit psychologically and find yourself stressed for most of the time. So, being happy and stress free is vital for healthy living. Regular practice of Exercises is the best way to make you mentally strong. Exercising releases endorphins which make you strong mentally.
If you want to add a few more years to your life trying regular exercises, healthy diet and keep your body free from any disease or disorders you are going to lead a happy, active and longer life.

How to lose weight without dieting

Loosing weight is a dream for most of us. We struggle with our hunger, fight in the gym with heavy dumbbells and very often the result is stomach disease and muscle pain if not even worse. Loosing weight without dieting and with little exercise is the latest topic in the health news magazines. Here is the long story short:

First and most important – change your way of life. I know it sounds frightening but here is what I mean. Stop watching TV more than half an hour a day, put some pillows in your couch to support your lower back when watching TV, get off a couple of blocks before your bus stop, buy a bike and use it at least once a week for an hour. It all comes down to start moving more and lying around less. If you are a couch potato there is nothing you can do if you don’t change the way you live.

Eat your breakfast. Simple as that. Spare those fifteen to thirty minutes and sit down at the table. If you live with a loved one you can rotate preparing the meal so you won’t even notice how this will not only impact positively your health but also your relationship.

Add some healthy food to your everyday diet and do not subtract others. Well if you eat three times a day fast food obviously this rule does not count for you. I think most of us would be more than happy if they change a greasy Big Mac with juicy orange or apple.

Elevators are bad. Take the stairs every time you can. Every fifteen steps taken up add one minute to your life while every cigarette shortens it with half an hour. Yes this is for you too smokers – you can check out how many stairs is worth a single cigarette. This leads to the next tip.

Stop smoking. Most of us think smoking is a good and pleasant way to keep slim but the truth is that it is at the price of your life. And if you are brave enough to stop them, well you will really get to know what hunger is. They are mistakenly taken for pain killers and the people that think so realize that besides the pain they kill you too.

Drink water. Not beer, not whiskey but pure water. Table water is better than mineral. If you can use the outlets near your job or near your house use them and avoid buying bottled water. If not try to use glass or metal bottles and never use plastic ones. They are easy to use, carry and throw away in the nature too, but they leave some poisonous compounds in the water itself. Hydration is very important if you want to keep fit.

Get involved in the process of cooking. It will have a huge impact on your body by means of more movement and less appetite. When you cook a meal you often feel fed up only by the smell. It is a good idea to cook one meal at a time too.

Share a meal with your loved ones when eating out. This will give you a larger choice at a lower price and unless you try the whole menu, you won’t feel stuffed. 

Loosing weight is not an easy thing and not always a healthy thing to do. If you are a little overweight you might look for some more action in your daily routine instead of cutting your meal. If you really need to loose weight plan things first and don’t forget that little things add up and persistence can make miracles not only for the next summer but for life.

Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a struggle if you approach it the wrong way. Instead of shocking your body into losing large amounts of weight quickly, instead you should ease your body into a change of lifestyle. The major parts of your “change” should be your eating habits and your physical activity. Most people know you can’t just eat anything, anytime. You should control the quantity, quality and frequency of your meals. This will help you lose weight before you add any more physical activity. Then when you’re ready, you can add exercise to accelerate your healthy weight loss. Adding exercise will make you lose weight faster and make it more effective. Doing this will make weight loss easier and help you keep the weight off permanently.

Breakfast is very important to getting you jump-started for the rest of the day. Early morning meals start digestion and keep it going all day long. Think about this: With a normal workday you will have 8-10 hours to digest a “Breakfast-Meal” before dinner. If you skip breakfast you will only have 4-6 hours to digest an equivalent size “Lunch-Meal” before dinner. The average person will not have enough time to burn off the lunch calories before dinner time, even if you have a job where you work on your feet all day. But everybody WILL have completely burned off the meal that they had for breakfast. People with Diabetes use this technique to keep their blood sugar levels down. You might say to yourself, “What about lunch, wont’ I get hungry”? If you feel you must eat something during the day eat a healthy snack, which costs less and is easier to carry around. You may not know this but the quantity of food an average person needs to live for a day is about the size of fist, that’s all Americans eat way too much per meal and they eat it two or three times a day. This is not the road to healthy weight loss. On top of that, Americans have higher food content. What this means is our food contains more fats, sugars and salts than other countries. Our food just has more in it. We have to watch the foods we eat and how much. Basically we became over-weight by eating too much and not being active. We have to reverse those habits by eating less and exercising more. People who have used this “Breakfast” Technique have seen results without adding more physical activity. It only takes a few days to get used to it and without lunch in the way, they have a smoother work-day overall. Imagine what could be possible if they added regular exercise’? A side-note here: Some things to remember are to watch your carbohydrate intake, not a lot, just a little. This includes breads, cereals, rice, and some veggies. Certain fruits and vegetables are ok along with meats and fish, but everything else in moderation. Finish the day with an average meal without going overboard.

Physical activity does not have to be difficult! However it “IS” difficult in the beginning. Most people that add a muscle building routine to their cardio find exercise to be energetic. The first few weeks will be painful and most will develop soreness or fatigue. But soon after about 3-4 weeks, many readers have stated they feel energized during the routine. They leave the gym more “pumped” than when they entered. For those who are unfamiliar with muscle building exercise, you may think that this statement is a joke or fiction, but it is NOT. These results are done without pills, additives, special routines or any other modifier. Absolutely no special technique or equipment is needed, and there is nothing to buy. Remember the people added “Muscle-Building” activities to their daily regime. It wasn’t only cardiovascular. If you are worried about bulking-up too much don’t be, just remember to use lighter weights.

Really the best techniques are the simplest ones. We all know how to achieve healthy weight loss but most delay because they think it’s difficult or there’s something wrong with their bodies. Different choices WILL make different outcomes. Don’t repeat bad habits and just make better choices. Every restaurant has healthier choices. Even McDonald’s has a healthier menu, right? There really is no excuse any more for the average adult to make poor food decisions. Make great choices and create a healthy life.